Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun Idea:Star Ice Molds For Summer

Twinkle, twinkle little star...

Stay cool and be a "star" this summer with a star ice cube stick! Here is another fun stick idea  to try out. We came across these at Target and honestly, fell in love with them. So many ways to use them went racing through our heads!

Since it is summertime and we want to stay cool and hydrated, we went with something light and refreshing for our first use. But we suspect there may be something with chocolate in the near future!

From left to right we used cranberry juice, water {that some of the cranberry juice spilled over into} and blueberry juice for our first spin with these ice molds.

While at Target in the summer section we came across these star ice molds. The creative possibilities for these are many don't you think?!

The tray is really easy to work with.  It is one tray with three star cavities. 
The tray is a soft silicone type material.

Use the star molds for individual Popsicle's or as drink coolers/stir sticks by freezing water or another choice beverage.

They add a fun festive feel to your ordinary daily beverage or they can kick it up a couple notches at a party.

Kids especially will  feel pretty special and love one of these star sticks in their glass!

Get a little creative at your next party or family dinner night by adding a couple star ice sticks to the mix!
Be inspired. Get creative!

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Proverbs 22:24-25

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  1. These are awesome!!!! What a fun summer idea!