Friday, December 14, 2012

Glitter Embellished Christmas Cards

Something glittery.  We are sprucing up our Christmas cards a little this season with a little glitter. Thinking back on childhood vintage Christmas cards, we wanted to keep that little part of a wonderful childhood Christmas memory alive. So with some glitter, paint brush and Mod Podge we are. We always like to spread the love with you, letting you know where we find our inspiration from, so for this idea we found our inspiration from Jennifer at Celebrating EverydayLife. Stop by and check out her vintage cards.

Here are the cards pre-Christmas glitter. Nice but lacking that special little detail.

What you will need and how to make glitter embellished Christmas cards:

Christmas cards.
Fine glitter.
Paint brush.
Mod Podge.

Using your paint brush,  tip it into the Modge Podge and apply it on the area of the card you want to enhance.
Allow to dry and ready to give out.

It may be difficult to see the glitter here on these cards, but it is there for sure.
It really does add a bit of vintage to the cards.

You should be able to see the glitter applied here.

Have you mailed out your Christmas cards?!

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And the father of a fool has no joy.
Proverbs 17:21

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  1. Doesn't everything look better with glitter! Love it!
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