Saturday, April 13, 2013

DIY Cupboard Liner Vases

We found another creative use for the the liner you use to line your cupboards and drawers with. 

Cover some cans and use them as decorative vases! Not like this is anything new and has not been done. But it is a first for us!

Awhile ago we picked up a roll of shelf/shelve/cupboard/drawer liner to use for an entirely different project but never got around to it and we needed to use the roll for something. So we did as part of our Spring decor.

To cover our cans we cut to size the liner and hot glued it onto the cans.

The excess at the top of the can worked out nicely to fold over and down inside the can to give a finished look.We used a few dabs of hot glue here and there inside the can to tack down the liner.

Our vases needed something to put inside them, of course flowers of some kind. Oh yeah, coffee filter flowers!

We used three coffee filters per flower. We gathered one filter at a time and layered them together. to hold them in place we just twisted them.

Black and white striped straws worked perfectly as the flower stems. A little hot glue at the flower base, than inserted into the straw makes a nice stem.

Who would have thought cupboard liner, coffee filters, straws and cans could make such nice home decor?!

So the next time you are looking to change up the decor in your home, look for some cans, coffee filters and cupboard liner to do the trick!

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Proverbs 3: 13

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