Friday, April 26, 2013

Garden Party Garland

We recently helped celebrate our grand nieces first birthday and we helped out with a party garland and butterfly wands {which will be in another post.}

The party them was Garden Party with a shabby chic look.
The theme decorations incorporated plenty of butterflies, flowers and bright Spring color.

So with that in mind, we put on our thinking caps and started working on things!

Since we were making a garland we needed a base from which to work. While at the craft store we came upon these crepe paper garden/party flowers which were sold individually and just happen to be on sale.

Since we were going to spell out the birthday girls name ... MADISON on the garland, we choose 7 flowers in different colors.

So that these flowers might be able to be used in the future, we simply taped down the hanger.

Next we punched a hole on each side of the flower and attached a pretty ribbon to connected them all together.
On the very ends, we tied on pink and green ribbon for decoration and to use to hang the garland.

Using our Cricut we cut out on pretty pattern paper different butterfly styles ans added a pearl embellishment to the butterflies.

We also cut out fonts to spell the birthday girls name.

Also, from the craft store, we found pretty sparkly butterflies we used to make up the garland by attaching the glitter butterfly to the flower, than the font and then a butterfly embellishment.

Everyone knows a Garden themed party would not be complete without a cute little birdie! Found these at the craft store and clipped them on the garland for just that little extra something touch!

                                     Below are a few of the flowers we made.



And can we just say that the day of the party we had some pretty strong winds blowing about and our garland stood up to it!

Don’t plan to harm your neighbor.
    He lives near you and trusts you.

Don’t bring charges against a man without any reason.
    He has not harmed you.

Proverbs 3:29-30

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